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Ear Notch: 94-7

Dam: Hedgepost

Stress: Negative
Registration Number: 525977007

Semen Price: $150/Dose

Private Treaty purchase from Lorenzen.

True to the definition of a Creature, Tracy Lorenzen didn’t just breed one, he created a unique Yorkshire boar that will for sure bring back true base width/internal dimension like no other. If we face the real truth, the Yorkshire breed has given away the natural width and muscle that Yorkshire possessed in the past, in lieu of the small framed low fronted fat hogs that did not possess true width- they just had center body and extra fat from a bucket or bag. 

It has been very hard to find a Yorkshire breeding piece that was true in his width and carried natural thickness from the top of his skeleton to the ground and from blade to hip.  At the same time Creature drives off his rear two with an ideal set to his rear hock and feet. Creature is model in terms of length of body but is tall at the point of the shoulder. Not man made but naturally enormous bladed, big backed ,monster hipped and as stout as they come. Creature will be the next breed changer! Thank You Tracy.

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Hi Point Genetics - Chrisman, IL - 877-247-3636
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