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Sire: Home Wrecker
Dam:  Blue Devil {Super Monster X Hillbilly Bone} x Motor Boat x Hillbilly Bone
Stress: Negative

Off-Season Semen Price: $100/Dose

Bred by: Steve Malcom Family

The 2017 Field of Dreams Grand Champion Overall male was the most impressive baby pig we laid our eyes on this spring. What made him so unique was he was tall-shouldered but short-bodied and he had the biggest set of legs you could image on a baby pig. This odd-belted brute now as mature hog, has the biggest legs and may be the heaviest-boned boar standing at Hi Point Genetics today. He kept his height at the blade and he stayed ideal in terms of length. He is an open-bladed, balanced boar that collects himself from a structure standpoint and maintains forward correct movement. Cowboy offers a little different pedigree. His sire goes back to Wedding Crasher and also picks up several shots of Super Monster and Hillbilly Bone. The Malcom Family brought out a great one that has even gotten better and he will cover a large number of sows here at Hi Point. Time for you to Cowboy up!

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Hi Point Genetics - Chrisman, IL - 877-247-3636
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