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Sire: Bandit
Dam: Turbo X Major Feat X Space Monkey Sister


Semen Price: $75/Dose

When Contender got in front of the camera and we really began to study him the only decision left was figuring how many sows will we breed to this mobile, athletic, attractive built Herd Sire.

Contender is flawless in his hip and hind leg and takes a secure stride off both ends and is very level topped. Contender is stout in his bone work with extra width between his eyes. He stands down on a larger foot, has bigger toes and has his dewclaws set wide. Contender has excellent shape and softness to his rib and is full from navel to flank. Contender is the total package that puts together all the fundamentals with an unparalleled showring look! Be a Contender, not a pretender!

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