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Comin 4 U

Comin 4 U

Sire: C'Mon
Dam: Scared Straight X Twin Turbo X Hedge Post

Off-Season Semen Price: $75/Dose

Stress: Negative

This chromed-up genetic breeding piece has been the visitors favorite young boar on tour here at Hi Point Genetics this spring. Comin 4 U has the traits his daddy - C’MON – implants in all his offspring; Tremendous bone, added elevation through the front, an extra-level design and a super-square set to the rear legs. What makes Comin 4 U different is that he is the best-bodied and softest-muscled of our C’MON sons. This special prospect is excellent off all four, stands tall on his pasterns and has the correct angles. This all works in conjunction to allow him to float across any surface and eat real-estate like few can.

We injected Scared Straight (right before he died) into our top five crossbred sows to make a herd boar but what we got instead is a set of keeper females that have not missed yet. The dam of Comin 4 U is out of one of our very best Twin Turbo daughters back on a foundation female that Tracy allowed us to get out of Lorenzen Farms. Looking to add structure and mass while maintaining or even making soundness better with a supple soft muscle? If the answer is yes, then make the call to get Comin 4 U!

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