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Comfort Zone

Comfort Zone

Sire: Bone Collector
Dam: Solid Monster X Split Second
Split Second sow is the Mother of Black Attack, Super 8, 8 Ball, Super Special, Treasure Chest, Cover Shot and Machete
Stress: Negative

Semen Price: $100/Dose
Overrun Price:

Bred by: RW Genetics

If you need to find that better built, super footed, more flexible-spined boar that does not surrender any width and thickness of skeleton, then you need to get into a Comfort Zone! This Whitman bred boar is dead level-topped and very long, level and loose in his rump with an excellent set to his rear hock, feet and toes. Comfort Zone has an even better placement to his shoulder and that blades open up into a bigger back that is supported by a huge rib. Comfort Zone should also add that soft muscle mass, with extra depth and fullness of flank.

As the showpig industry moves forward, we are seeing a larger number of sows and gilts that have all "the bells and whistles" or you may say, individuals that have all the power and thickness, but are outside their skeleton. SO if we need to fix those problems and make easy feeding, complete, well balanced offspring, then that's where we need to find a COMFORT ZONE!

Comfort Zone
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