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Carried Off

Carried Off

EN: 2-6
Registration #: 496535006

Sire: Carried Away
Dam:  Homemade 45-1 (Littermate to Homemade 17-3&4)
Stress: Negative

Semen Price: $300/Dose
Overrun Semen Price: $200/Dose

Like his brother Breed Em All this is an extra stout massive boar that will jump start any Hampshire program. Carried Off mother is and older sow out of Homemade 45-1 that just happens to be a littermate to Homemade 17-3 and Homemade 17-4. That pair of boars would still be popular today because of their build and stoutness with all that extra mass. At one time we had four of the 17 litter sows and we had even sold a few others that have had a pretty track record. 17-10 the dam of this pair has put several boars in the stud here and is a unique lady that is tall and good built. Carried off is the taller larger framed of the pair, yet his bone work and body matches that extra altitude he possess. Need to add power and be a notch bigger let yourself get Carried Off!

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