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Blown Smoke

Blown Smoke

Blown Smoke

Sire: Stanky Leg
Dam: Bandit X Coulson sow (Mate to '14 Houston Barrow & C’mon)


Semen Price: $150/Dose
Overrun Semen Price: $75/Dose

The odd marked boar is our first Stanky Leg son we have placed in the stud and will not be the last!  This summer alone we are farrowing over 75 litters by Stanky Leg. The reason we have such faith in Stanky Leg and this son is he stamps the extra bone and right amount of length and a tall cool look through their front ends. Blow’n Smoke’s mom is a Bandit daughter on the Coulson sow that is a littermate to the Grand barrow at Houston in 2014 and thus also makes her a mate to C’mon - the clone of the Houston barrow. Bred to be stouter, bred to have showring look, and bred like a Champion will let you go Blow’n Smoke all next summer!


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