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Sires Hi Point Genetics - Chrisman, IL - 877-247-3636
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Beat Em All

Beat Em All

Ear Notch: 3-3
Registration #: 558929003

Sire: About Time
Dam: True Grit x Beefcake- Mother
Stress: Negative

Semen Price:

Bred by: Final Drive Genetics

$18,000 Grand York Boar - '14 Summer Type Conf.
Littermate barrow 5th Overall NJSS and littermate gilt Res Champion Division 2 NJSS

If you're looking for one that will make them taller shouldered, super attractive, fix broken pasterns, square up their front knee and put a monster blade and forerib in them while still being square, sound and flexible and has a true foundation female laid behind him definitely check this one out down in Chrisman, IL.

Beat 'Em All's Dam
Beat 'Em All's Littermate Barrow
5th Overall York Barrow - NJSS
Beat 'Em All's Littermate Gilt
Reserve Division 2 York Gilt - NJSS
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Hi Point Genetics - Chrisman, IL - 877-247-3636
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